Winter at the Rookery

Today I realized that I had never posted these pictures I took of my cousins when I visited London before Xmas. It was quite a shock to see how much they had grown since I had last seen them three years ago and somehow they looked like completely different people on the outside. Sometimes hints that they were the same kids I once used to spend every weekend with would shine through: the intonation of their voices, their sense of humour, the retelling of an adventure we had experienced together, the way they raised their eyebrows when retorting to everything with witty remarks, etc.

On my last day there, we walked to the Rookery all together. We talked about all kinds of things while Maisie asked me question after question. We looked at animals, laughing while shivering in the cold, I took photos while my aunt and uncle bought us hot chocolate and, suddenly, it all felt exactly like it used to, like belonging to a family you have chosen to be part of, where there is just pure joy in being in each others’ company.


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  1. Clare

    Oh wow, she’s so grown up! I remember when you used to post photos of her on your Livejournal!

  2. David

    You have been, and continue to be, a magical force of love for myself and my family.
    I was lucky enough to watch you grow up. You have always possessed a unique perspective on life; seeing the joyful ridiculousness in the tiniest details of people and the world. At the same time you’re acutely aware of the sadness and poignancy that also lurk just under the surface of most things.

    For this family, you are love personified. Memories and thoughts of you constantly flash into our life as vividly and beautifully as the inspirational images you have posted over the years. Thank you xxx

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