March, April & May’s MPA

For a moment I thought I had given up on doing my mobile phone adventures: I have been posting them for almost 5 years now and sometimes it is hard to keep motivated about doing them since editing and posting them takes a lot of time that I could be putting into bigger projects. I also bought a small camera to carry in my purse, which means I take less photos with my phone and then there is also instagram

But don’t worry! I looked through my old MPAs yesterday and felt that it was a great way to be able to remember lots of small things and somehow have a visual record of my life, even if it is just for me… So here I am again.

During March, April & May I worked on several shoots, I went to Paris & Malaga to show Teeth in two festivals, spent time with my family, hid in a closet while there were tornado watches and also turned 31. It is strange to see me wearing a coat, hat and scarf in the first photo (below) when I am wearing a summer dress and sandals as I type this. Time flies! So I guess it is important to keep on preserving it this way. Without further ado, here is the latest installment of my MPA.

IMG_3137At my favorite store (Home Depot!) buying supplies for a shoot.

IMG_3143I am a freelancer and as a freelancer I do many things related to film for other people: I shoot, I edit, I direct, assist and, sometimes, I also get to art direct. This is something I particularly enjoy because it is creative, I get to work with my hands and it also enhances the story the director is trying to tell. For this particular shoot we were building a pine derby race track and I was asked to build crazy cars, which was so much fun. I called this one “Ghost Rider motorcycle hero“.

IMG_3155 We built about 18 cars. This was the ‘rookie‘ car.

IMG_3157This is was the ‘art school’ car. It confused everyone.

IMG_3171On set. Day 1.

IMG_3179We shot at an amazing bar in Austin. It had the greatest mirror ever.

IMG_3186On Set. Day 2: Craig and Jack building the race track.

IMG_3189There were several pitfalls in the track including fire!

IMG_3195Poor Rookie Car didn’t make it to the finishing line.

IMG_3202The view from set at the end of the day.

IMG_3284I found this cat bouquet at another one of my gigs.

IMG_3302I organized my work space at home. I love spending time looking at my board.

IMG_3307Spring arrived.

IMG_3318I was working in Burnet, TX and saw these three teenage girls riding their bikes. I wished I could have been faster to get closer and take a better picture of them.

IMG_3335Grumpy cat flying over Austin. Juan suggested I caption this picture “Gotham has Batman, Austin has Grumpy Cat!” and I thought it was a great idea.

IMG_3346Ever-lasting Grackle party at HEB.

IMG_3357Ryan was in town during SXSW and we escaped the crowds to shoot a little teaser for his upcoming album.

IMG_3358Texas is all I ever imagined it would be.

IMG_3369 IMG_3370We found this smiling water tower amongst a burnt forest. The funny this is that I had seen this image before even knowing I was going to live here.

IMG_3393Weekend thoughts.

IMG_3411Weekend thoughts pt II.

IMG_3413Mountain laurel bloomed all over town.

IMG_3414I can’t express how incredibly nice it smelled. The wind would carry its perfume and it was such a delight to walk around.

IMG_3436Raccoon stealing cat food as the cats look on.

IMG_3517I skillfully avoided booby traps.

IMG_3541I also started snap-chatting, it is fun to think about how to build stories with it. Here are two squirrels being weird.

IMG_3546And Rings being himself.

IMG_3560Visconti & his little friend.

IMG_3578I purposely color co-ordinated with the Wisterias.

IMG_3593Teeth got in to Beauvais Film Festival and Malaga Film Festival. I travelled to both places to present the film and because I really wanted to be in Paris and see my family again.

IMG_3594Bye Bye Austin.

IMG_3614Hello Paris! This was the view from my hotel room. Just looking at this picture makes me want to cry thinking about how grateful I felt for somehow being able to sit there, feeling the cool breeze on my face and watching everyone go about their lives.

IMG_3599After taking a nap, I went for a walk and this is one of the first things I saw. I wanted to eat them all!

IMG_3600La Sorbonne…

IMG_3617…and the Louvre.

IMG_3613I was really tired after such a long trip and so little sleep, so in the evening I decided to buy some food and eat it in my room while reading. This was my dinner and I felt like a total genius for coming up with such a perfect plan.

IMG_3691France 101 <3

IMG_3634The next day I woke up at 7am. The screening wasn’t taking place until 7pm so I had all day to explore Paris. I decided I would walk from my hotel to Montmartre and back. I had forgotten that people in Europe tend to sleep in on Sundays and it was also the Paris Marathon, so I had the city almost to myself for a couple of hours.

IMG_3638It was absolutely magical.

IMG_4042There was almost nobody inside Notre Dame, only people praying (disclaimer: I took this with my little camera not my phone).

IMG_3643After walking for an hour I stumbled on a street market and bought a fresh croissant for breakfast. I kept on walking.

IMG_3653I reached le Sacre-Coeur and took pictures of tourists taking pictures.

IMG_3662Sensitive thugs need hugs (especially at 9am).

IMG_3666There was a nun working inside the church. There was a big sign that said NO PHOTOS but the light was so beautiful I just couldn’t help it. She caught me taking this photo and scolded me. I pretended that I didn’t understand French.

IMG_3670I then walked around Montmartre without any particular destination in mind. It was so beautiful.

IMG_3685I ended up in the spectacular Montmartre Graveyard. It had 200+ year old graves and  crows cawed constantly, making it extra spooky.

IMG_3699I didn’t take any pictures at the screening or the dinner that followed it but I got to my hotel room at about 3am. My plane didn’t leave until 5pm the next day so I decided that I would walk around some more…

IMG_3725I had a Carmela Soprano moment.

IMG_3712I discovered that the trick to enjoying Paris is to have already seen all the tourist hot spots on a different trip and then avoid them at all cost. This time I just walked down normal streets and they were just as beautiful but much less crowded. I was impressed by this guy’s scarf. U_U

IMG_3718I do a thing where I always seek out perfection: I will look for the perfect restaurant and walk and walk and walk until it is too late and I am just stuck with bad options because everything else has closed. I was doing just that when I saw a lot of people queuing at a bread shop. I saw that they were buying sandwiches and taking them to the Luxembourg Gardens, so I decided to do the same. Without having sought it out, It was the perfect plan and it was so delightful to watch all the french girls talking to each other.

IMG_3723It made me miss living in Europe a little bit.

IMG_3734And then I wasn’t in Paris anymore but in my hometown (which is just a 45 min drive away from Malaga).

IMG_3741 IMG_3748I did a handful of interviews talking about Teeth. This was Canal Sur’s building and it reminded me of a diplodocus’ head.

IMG_3770And then I went to Malaga to attend the Festival. It is a big festival and Spanish actors that are kind of famous go there. I saw kids waiting for them on the street at 8am while I walked to a screening.

IMG_3800The next day, my nieces came over so we could celebrate my birthday. Lily is pretty badass.

IMG_3804I waited to be interviewed at a local TV station. I had just learned that is was going to be live.


redI accidentally color co-ordinated with the red carpet.

IMG_3830Journalists hanging out in the press area.

IMG_3832Girl with selfie stick.

IMG_3833I saw this little girl sitting in the street by herself, completely absorbed in a game she was playing. It made me time travel to my childhood a little bit.

IMG_3837Cat in Malaga.

IMG_4034I didn’t go to the festival every day so I could be with my family. I saw these two ladies talking in my hometown…

IMG_3850…and this man blowing bubbles from his apartment.

IMG_3860Followed a PR path.

IMG_3884The festival was rather chaotic. There were also many teenagers waiting for famous people, hoping that they could take selfies with them. You can see how confused they look while they search their mental databases for my face.

IMG_3879I refused to wear high heels to the screening.

IMG_3888Writing on the wall at my hometown’s market.

selfiesMy mom and aunt tried to take a selfie with a selfie stick while my cousin supervised.

IMG_3908I showed them how it was done.

IMG_3983And then it was time to say goodbye again.


IMG_4110Back in Austin.

IMG_4033I don’t know why Allure sends me their magazine every month. I never subscribed and feel it is incredibly wasteful to do something like this. Reading “get a killer body” really tipped me over the edge. Allure, back off!

IMG_4115Little fire station.

IMG_4120I love my neighbourhood so much.

IMG_4139Work sometimes gets a little bit strange.

IMG_4159During May it rained A LOT. Like floods and tornadoes rain. It was a little bit scary having to hide in a closet every time there was a tornado warning but everything looked very pretty.

IMG_4216 IMG_4218I met a three legged cat that still thought he had his fourth leg and would try and scratch his ear with it.

IMG_4226I went to a veggie restaurant and they had this on their wall. I thought it was pretty cool.

IMG_4230“Perfect mother’s day gift”. YES!

IMG_4388Graduation day at the gym.

IMG_4408Kate and JoAnn invited me to their farm for brunch. She made all those jams herself.

IMG_4436I finally met their cats.

IMG_4437Admired the view from the kitchen.

IMG_4438And was grateful for friends who share the beauty around them with me but also know what will tickle my fancy.

IMG_4440JoAnn picked some veggies for the animals (and me).

IMG_4441While Beed supervised.

IMG_4442I got to feed the goats and Tony the pig!

IMG_4470Then there was the mother all of all storms. It was the first time I had seen Mammatus Clouds in real life.

IMG_4475But it was so pretty once it was over.

IMG_4481 IMG_4484 IMG_4490Santa hung his clothes to dry in my backyard.

IMG_4511And I chilled out a lot with Rings.


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