New York snapshots

I took these pictures in New York, a city in which I had never been before but knew very well through all my favourite films, writers and photographers. Initially, I didn’t know if I would like New York because I always have a preference for nature, but I loved it from minute one. It was the dirtiest, most chaotic and beautiful city I have ever been to. It was amazing to be in the center of all this crazy action and remain completely anonymous, free to observe and be as imperfect as the city itself.

While I was there I bought a small point and shoot camera that I could carry everywhere and would also serve as a halfway tool between my phone and DSLR. I took all these snaps while trying to get acquainted with it (except for the last two photos, which I took with my canon).

nyc003nyc017 nyc022nyc025 nyc026 nyc027 nyc028

nyc029(New York ghost)

nyc030 nyc031 nyc032nyc033nyc037nyc038

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