October & November’s MPA


I can’t believe that 2014 is almost over and that it has already been a year since we shot Teeth! October and November have been busy months, but it seems like every month is a busy month now, so I am grateful for my freelance lifestyle that allows me to have little islands of time just for myself.

I have been working on projects for other people, researching and starting to write a new script and exploring. Fall seems to attract a sort of melancholy but this year I have chosen to fight this feeling by trying to read, learn, hone my skills and see new things. Dancing to this also helps.

Here are October and November’s MPA.

IMG_0403Working in the studio.

IMG_0417Zoobie, the queen of the neighbourhood, doesn’t respect private property.

IMG_0455Mood board for my new project. It’s has grown considerably since I took this photo.

IMG_0518I was walking to the gym and saw an all-female a cappella band singing. These little girls were enthralled listening to them.

IMG_0530The first rains of Fall came and  everything bloomed. I decided to go for a really long walk once the skies cleared.

IMG_0536This bug had the same idea as me.

IMG_0542My romance with Austin continued. I just love walking around town, taking different turns every time and discovering new corners or even seeing how the places I know change subtly through the seasons.

IMG_0544How could I not love it here?

IMG_0550Cats sometimes run towards you so you can pet them. This one was really friendly.

IMG_0555It wached me walk away for a while.

IMG_0559Allez! Vive le tour de France! graffiti in the middle of Hyde Park.

IMG_0565More sidewalk graffiti. Not sure what “festle” is.

IMG_0580Waiting for the light to turn green on my way to work.

IMG_0636I like working with different people because they somehow open new areas of interest for me and I can learn to understand how they think and view the world. This leads me to appreciate things I wouldn’t have noticed before. Like, for example, the logo on this truck.

IMG_0648Because of the rain, everything was lush and green. So we kept on exploring, this day Juan walked ahead of me…

IMG_0659…while I lagged behind taking pictures and admiring the light.

IMG_0684Grackle party at HEB. For those of you who do not live in Austin, we have a bird called grackle. Hundreds gather in grassy areas outside supermarkets. At dusk they swarm and sing a shrill song. It’s a sight to behold, even if it is a little bit  scary when they swoosh past you.

IMG_0689I went to the gym on a different day and saw this man showing students how to put out fires. Once they managed to extinguish it, he gave them a small certificate.

IMG_0708I met Calcifer.

IMG_0711He’s a very cheeky cat that likes to ride bikes (I swear I didn’t put him there!).

IMG_0717There is a house in Hyde Park that always uses Halloween as an excuse to put up politically-themed decorations. I always look forward to see what they come up with.

IMG_0779Sunrise – Sunset.

IMG_0905JoAnn and Kate moved to a farm outside Austin. We went to visit them and we saw this enormous spider eating a moth.

IMG_0907JoAnn’s neighbour is named Tony.

IMG_0910He’s a really nice and friendly guy.

IMG_0912It was JoAnn’s 40th birthday, so we celebrated and ate some cake.

IMG_0927Later that week we went to see Chris Hadfield at BookPeople (my favourite shop in town!). He was charming, interesting and a wonderful storyteller. Everyone was mesmerized by him.

IMG_0950Late fall has the best light. I met this new kitty while walking and light-watching.

IMG_0954This photo is blurry but this dog was really friendly and jumped to say hi as I walked by.

IMG_1027Sneaking around seems to be my favourite activity.

IMG_1008We saw this dog-mobile in our neighbourhood. I could title this photo “Austin, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways?”

IMG_1063It finally started to get cold and all the leaves in the trees turned yellow and orange. I was constantly distracted by the beautiful colors.

IMG_1099Beed, the dog on the half shell.

IMG_1136Since we are not American, we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. Because of this, I saw the holidays as the perfect opportunity to head West and explore Big Bend. It was a very long drive but when we stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and I saw these kitties, I knew West Texas was going to be as cool as I had always imagined.

IMG_1143We stayed in a small cottage in a lady’s backyard in a town called Alpine. The decor really set the mood for the trip.

IMG_1145I loved this flag.

IMG_1162We went to Marfa. It was completely deserted because it was Thanksgiving day. It was beautiful and desolate at the same time and it t reminded me of Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show.

IMG_1170I could almost hear Hank Williams playing in the distance.

IMG_1181Every drive and every landscape was jaw dropping. You can’t really see it here, but in this picture an incredibly long train was crossing the plain.

IMG_1415In the afternoon we explored Alpine. I met this little friendly dog who secretly was a bull.

IMG_1221It was great to have the town almost to ourselves since it felt even more genuine without any tourists or people bustling around. There were just a few families scattered here and there. One of them was playing old Mexican tunes on a radio and it could be heard from a long distance.

IMG_1253This cat watched a closed bar.

IMG_1241And this man rode his horse around town.

IMG_1244Texas’ sense of humor.

IMG_1252Posters on a window showcased dogs up for adoption.

IMG_1254And suddenly, I was exactly were I had wanted to be since I was eighteen years old and day dreamed about the West and having my ranch.

IMG_1267The next day we started exploring Big Bend, which is incredibly vast. After two hours driving we reached Santa Elena Canyon. The right side of this picture belongs to the USA, the left to Mexico.

IMG_1273Pictures cannot capture the scale of Big Bend, but you can get a sense of how big the canyon is by looking at how little the trail on the right appears compared to the walls.

IMG_1349We then went on another hike. This time it was to the actual Last Frontier.

IMG_1282All the plants were prickly and all the rocks could potentially hide a snake or spider.

IMG_1290bI had never seen anything like this place, it was amazing. But despite being almost winter, the sun was scorching.

IMG_1296Of course, I immediately fell in love with the landscape.

IMG_1417I tried to engrave everything in my brain but it was so big, so varied and so beautiful that it was impossible.

IMG_1369Big Bend biker.

IMG_1321The next day we went to the Chisos Mountains. They were a small oasis of greenery within all the surrounding desert.

IMG_1323Bears and mountain lions lived there. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any. But we did see tarantulas, deer, javelinas and roadrunners!

IMG_1333We hiked up a mountain.

IMG_1335And saw this strange caterpillar. I thought he looked like a giant worm from Dune if one could imagine that the rocks were boulders.

IMG_1336The view from the highest point of our hike. What you see between the “window” between the mountains is desert.

IMG_1344We then went to see Terlingua, a touristy ghost town. I liked the mixture of elements in this altar at the graveyard.

IMG_1414On our last day at the cottage, I appreciated the subtlety of this corner.

IMG_1358And on the way back we got lost and ended up in London, Texas. It was a one street town and I decided to take this picture to send to my family. I was laughing because many cars drove by and I felt rather silly as everyone looked at me.


  1. Entre la locura de la vida ocupada que comentas hacía tiempo que no me pasaba por aquí con calma, he estado viendo las actualizaciones de los últimos meses, me ha encantado y me he sentido identificada con muchas cosas. Me pasa lo mismo con el tema del tiempo y la vida freelance, supongo que será rollo de “hacerse mayor” y menos mal que podemos trabajar de esta manera.

    Me encantan los colores del grackle, me alegrado de ver a Juan y a George en las últimas MPA y al resto de animales casuales 😉 Besossss

    • Muchas gracias Viveka, la verdad es que con lo ocupadas que andamos siempre es de agradecer que la gente se tome el tiempo para leer y mirar todas estas fotos! Si, aunque la vida freelance conlleva cierta incertidumbre es genial poder organizarse como un quiere (hasta cierto punto)!

      Los grackles encima son bastante grandes. Es increible cuando se reunen… Jaja George es un personaje y has visto al “small mexican chihuaha” de este post? Justo el Miercoles pensaba esa frase en el aeropuerto despues del vuelo transatlantico y me acorde de ti. :)

      Un abrazo grande! Espero que todo vaya bien x

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