August & September’s MPA


It seems like Fall is just arriving to Texas now, so it is somehow fitting to post August and September’s Mobile Phone Adventures today, as if somehow I was putting closure to the Summer by doing so.

Both months have been characterized by extreme business: working, swimming, long walks and reading. In August we held Teeth’s private screening and it helped me realize that the film was completely finished. Now all that is left is continuing with the process of submitting it to festivals. Since I have always considered that the year starts with the new school year, September felt like the perfect month to start a new project.

So here are the photos I took with my phone for the last two months!

IMG_9728Cyclist Squirrel.

IMG_9729Teddy Bear impaled with a windshield wiper in order to announce a yard sale in my neighbourhood.

IMG_9750Esoteric candles at the supermarket. The fact that they have to state that their action is “alleged” made me laugh.

IMG_9768I was walking back from the pool one evening and I saw lots of people running in strange super hero costumes. A lady asked them why they were doing so and they answered that they were part of the Keep Austin Weird committee.

IMG_9788I made this drink menu for Teeth’s private screening.

IMG_9796Elisabeth & Elisabeth as Daisy before the screening.

IMG_9802We had a candy corner. Elisabeth & Nya were excited to be reunited with the puppy power poster.


IMG_9803I always doodle while editing. Here are Robert Plant and Rings.

IMG_9827I finally found a snake necklace! Witchy jewelry forever!

IMG_9866I saw this beautiful butterfly during one of my walks. Its wings were blue on the inside.

IMG_9869These roses were so fragant.

IMG_9871Cat-napping. I called him but he ignored me.

IMG_9881We went to Cinema East. It’s an outdoor cinema where you take a blanket and sit on the grass. It’s a great place to people-watch and see indie movies.

IMG_9883People take their dogs there too. The best part is that when a dog barks in the movie that they are screening, the dogs in the audience bark back.

IMG_9925Walking down Congress St, thinking about Pink Floyd.


IMG_9961Saw this fascinating moth that looked like a dry leaf.

IMG_9967We went to see an exhibition about how cats and dogs were portrayed in art. I saw this orange lady in an orange room.

IMG_9971People could hang their own drawings of their pets under this Kundera quote.

IMG_9982Game day and this family looked like triplets.

IMG_9994UT girls in dappled light.

IMG_9998A rainbow crowned the sky on my drive back home one day.

IMG_9999A spectacular sunset tinted another one of my walks.

IMG_0008I went to the Texas Memorial Museum and saw this Pterosaur.

IMG_0021Rings hard at work.

IMG_0035We went to the new Alamo Drafthouse and I couldn’t help posing for this picture.

IMG_0065Sunset rays after a long day working.

IMG_0121Having Sunday afternoons all to myself has become precious.  This is the view from where I sit to read and research.

IMG_0128I saw this drawing hanging on the window of an art school for children.

IMG_0163Texas $$$

IMG_0171There was a pirate in my book store!

IMG_0221For Juan’s birthday we went away to the Canyon of the Eagles. This was our neighbour at the hotel.

IMG_0230I plan to recreate this in my future ranch.

IMG_0234bThe main reason to go to the canyon was that we wanted to attend a star gazing party.

IMG_0247Waiting for the Sun to set and enjoying the view.

IMG_0253The roof of the observatory slid open and it was slightly uncanny to be indoor and outdoors at the same time.

IMG_0268Juan’s profile, a telescope and an amateur astronomer cowboy. It was pretty cool, we got to see Saturn, a supernova, the Double Double and other galaxies and constellations whose names I cannot remember.

IMG_0288Pigs suck.

IMG_0292Saw this father driving his son to school in a convertible while the Sun was rising.

IMG_0310Oxblood llilies blossomed around the nighbourhood. Someone told me that they signalled the coming of Fall.

IMG_0337A congressman wrote me a letter because I signed a petition. It is hard for me to understand how people can’t see that society evolves and laws should change with it.

IMG_0340I had to go to a cop store to buy some props for a shoot. It always feels so strange to see guns displayed like this.

IMG_0343I came back to Curiosity Shoppe and as soon as I parked the car, George was there watching me and waiting to greet me. I was happy that he remembered me!

IMG_0384George <3

IMG_0358Saw beauty berries for the first time in my life.

IMG_0373For our anniversary Juan and I went to a karaoke that had private rooms. We chose one that was decorated like the Black Lodge!

IMG_0376“Do what I want, and I’m gonna get paid”

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