June & July’s MPA

It is hard to remember what happened exactly during the last two months. In hindsight, it’s like a flurry of days filled with work, thoughts, walks, swimming and other things. I guess that’s the downside of the MPAs not having any immediacy. But I like it this way.

June was characterized mainly by the rush of getting Teeth finished in order to meet a festival deadline. We graded the film, finished the VFX and also did the sound mix. When I was exporting the film to send it out it felt strange that it was over. I had promised myself to take some days off after it was finished so Juan & I went exploring.

I guess it’s better if I tell you with pictures! Here are June & July’s MPA.

IMG_9168Skunk family and succulents on the set of a shoot.

IMG_9174I called this squirrel and it came near me. As I talked to it,  another three squirrels showed up and they ganged up on me. One even tried to grab my sandals as they chased me while I ran away from them!

IMG_9181Grading Teeth with Nick from Finland Finish.

IMG_9193Friendly Albino squirrel. Luckily for me, this one didn’t attack or chase me.

IMG_9199And then we gave the finishing touches to Teeth’s audio mix at Ponysound.

IMG_9208I saw this boy and wished I could do my weekly grocery shopping like this.

IMG_9248I also saw Zubi. She’s dangerous because she will offer her belly for you to rub only to scratch or bite you in return.

IMG_9254Vitiligo blueberry.

IMG_9270Secret downtown views after work.

IMG_9278My favourite Austin tree bloomed and its flowers were like little ruffled skirts.

IMG_9283Different versions of myself hung to dry in the living room.

IMG_9286I perfected THE vegan ice-cream and enjoyed it thoroughly while wearing the dog dress that my friend Maria from The Accident made for me.

IMG_9323I went for a walk with Juan and saw this father & son fishing on town lake.

IMG_9346I made a bunch of screeners for Teeth and also cut the trailer for it.

IMG_9350Rings and Blondie tried to perfect symmetry.

IMG_9352Secret messages during one of our walks.

IMG_9361We then drove to Houston and visited NASA. I was super excited to see all thing space related but It was quite disappointing. However, this old spaceship was pretty cool and we also touched a moon-rock.

IMG_9373We then drove through a lot of towns in order to go to the beach. I would say this view is 100% Texan.

IMG_9376The name of this boat was funny to me. As I took this photo a lady offered to give us a tour of her radio station. It was named “Happy Radio”.

IMG_9378When we came out of the station I saw the best thing I have ever seen: a man in overalls without a shirt riding a bike and carrying a puppy sitting like a child as a passenger. He looked at us and nodded. We nodded back.

IMG_9391We made it to our destination: Bayside.

IMG_9392The village was just a few roads with houses and then lots of birds, rabbits and cats. It was pretty cool.

IMG_9399Bayside Pier with Bayside’s teenage boys.

IMG_9410The next day we had to take a ferry to go to Port Aransas. I was super excited to take the ferry and got out of the car to fully experience the ride but it only lasted 4 minutes!

IMG_9413We visited a natural preserve. It was so beautiful, and windy… I lost my hat in this very spot and now I always imagine that a coyote wears it to pretend he is human when he goes to buy chicken at the stores.

IMG_9422Crab’s pincer.

IMG_9423The reason why we didn’t try to recover my hat from the bushes: all along the trail there were lots of pictures and descriptions of all the snakes that you could find in the preserve.

IMG_9432This photo can’t capture how big and amazing the preserve was. I also put my finger in front of the lens.

IMG_9433Deer prints/tracks.

IMG_9434This was the end of the trail were you climbed up to a platform to enjoy the views. After taking this picture, I saw 5 coyotes hunting in the distance. We decided that it was best to get out of there as soon as possible (and that we had to bring binoculars next time!).

IMG_9439We had our lunch near our car, while these little birds gathered and basked in the sun.

IMG_9440We then went to this crazy ice-cream place. The decor was all over the place but my favourite part was a giant wall dedicated to the owner’s dogs.

IMG_9441Dead Mariachis.

IMG_9445“Te extraño tesorito”

IMG_9446It made me miss all the Mexican paraphernalia that I left behind in Madrid.

IMG_9449Here is a close up of the amazing dog-altar wall.

IMG_9450And the Asian wall.

IMG_9453 I saw this car as we left the cafe and guessed that it must belong to the owner of the place.

IMG_9458The next day we went to another nature preserve and saw this little warthog eating  (through binoculars).

IMG_9464Believe it or not, the warthog is in this picture.

IMG_9469I then turned around and saw this raccoon walking nonchalantly. We followed him for a bit until we saw an alligator on a small swamp. He looked at us and even discretely followed us a little. Since we don’t have much first hand experience with alligators, we decided to turn around.

IMG_9477We then climbed up onto a super high platform. Here’s Juan looking through binoculars.

IMG_9500We came back to Austin and I saw this mini-library on someone’s yard.

IMG_9501And this giant flower on someone else’s yard. The owner told me it was called “muy grande” and that he bought it from a Mexican gardener in San Antonio.

IMG_9531Gregor Samsa, is that you?

IMG_9541I visited Visconti. He is allergic to mosquito bites, so his nose and ears are full of blisters and scabs. I feel sorry for him.

IMG_9548Dream job?

IMG_9560I met up with Filipa to have coffee and she let me walk her dog, Dots.

IMG_9565And then I saw Lola and Super Bock at her house. I think Super Bock looks a bit human-like in this picture.

IMG_9644I found out that Rings REALLY loves to be petted with a stick (?!).

IMG_9647And Zubi tried to trick me into rubbing her belly again.

IMG_9662There was an incredibly powerful storm. Lighting struck a few feet away from our house and all the lights went out in the whole neighbourhood.

IMG_9666Next morning, I looked out of the window and saw Zubi was waiting for me.

IMG_9695I have been spending a lot of my free time in the library doing research for a new project. Sometimes I look in unusual places. Like I looked under the desk and I saw these inscriptions. My favourite one it the Princess Bride quote.

IMG_9700Sometimes I look up instead of down and I see people sleeping everywhere.

IMG_9708But most of the time I just try to concentrate on my research.

IMG_9713bAnd to end the month, a blanket of petals from my favourite Austin tree outside the library.


  1. Paloma Alma

    Love it Jennifer! Thank you for sharing this, I was missing it! Beautiful and funny pics, it makes me want to visit Austin! I’m looking forward to watch Teeth! 😉

  2. Slavin

    me he muerto de risa imaginándome al coyote con el sombrero ♥

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