About three weeks ago I finished Teeth, the short film I have been working on for the last two years and a half. There is so much work that had to be done for things that weren’t the actual film (i.e. posters, website, promotion, etc.), that it has just started to sink in that is finally finished.

Teeth is the most complicated personal project I have committed myself to do. It is true that I have worked on photographic projects for longer but this is the only one that has produced just one thing as a result. I came up with the idea for Teeth as a challenge to myself, to see if I could do many things I had never done, and now it is finished.

I am excited to send it to festivals and share it with the world. Here’s the trailer for it:

And, if you want to know more about it, you can visit http://teethfilm.com


  1. grazie per il commento. Sono d’accordo con te sul fatto che gli spallacci (e soprattutto la cintura) sono forse sosdtrimenvionaai ma credo che la comodità di questo zaino in spalla risieda proprio in questa formula. Per quanto riguarda la capienza devo aggiungere che in quello zaino riesco sempre a farci entrare le cose più impensabili e ogni volta mi sorprende :)

  2. weilà ciao genky!!!!la serata è scivolata via piacevolmente…ho conosciuto anche persone nuove di chat e questo è buono…te mando un struccon!!!! stefania!!!!

  3. Non-bloggers may indeed have letters.Nadia, upon thee I bestow the letter R (for Rersearch) Sound of Music has a mention in Drift. There’s some more trivia for you.

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