March, April and May’s MPA

These last three months have flown by and it is hard to believe that we are already in the sixth month of the year. I have been incredibly busy with work and with Teeth‘s post production, running from here to there almost every day. But now that the film is almost finished and we are getting ready to submit it to festivals, I find myself day-dreaming about ideas for new projects, holding endless discussions with myself about what I want to say next and how it should be expressed, but above all, I find myself looking forward to the quietness found in researching, writing and fleshing out stories…

But, I digress, let me get to the point since the Mobile Phone Adventures are already pretty late!

IMG_8280To start March on the right foot, I went exploring. Austin has the neatest secret spots.

IMG_8285You can’t see it, but I am standing above a small waterfall.

IMG_8288Can you see the snake? It slithered away as I walked past it.

IMG_8308Sara and I did some pick up shots for Teeth. She was dog-sitting this awesome dog named Matthew and we decided that we had to get a shot of him.

IMG_8313Sitting in Isabel’s room, waiting for her to get changed so we could take her senior photos.

IMG_8331I worked Downtown for a couple of weeks and at the end of each day I would walk back home. On my route I would pass by the Capitol. One day I saw this little girl taking pictures of her family.

IMG_8339Donnie Darko clouds from my car.

IMG_8362I keep on seeing packs of vitamins like these in shoots or for sale at 7/11. You are supposed to take all of them in one go to perk you up… I have to admit I feel a little bit culture shocked every time I see them.

IMG_8364On my walk back home I saw this Chewbacca contest poster. Felt tempted to call.

IMG_8388Juan’s pile of books.

IMG_8391I went to work with Sara and Anuk moped about, probably because we didn’t give him enough cheese!

IMG_8440I had to buy a lot of plants for a shoot. I wondered if they would fit in my car…

IMG_8441…they did. And I drove while re-enacting the Jungle Book.

IMG_8481This was in one of the locations where we were shooting. I don’t know what I loved most: it is hard to choose between the “No Whining” sign or the “Sparky the llama” article!

IMG_8666I got to drive this truck through a thunderstorm.  I had to follow someone else’s car to get to the production office so I pretended I was a truck driver/detective. It was pretty cool.

IMG_8668I kept on buying plants for the shoot.

IMG_8670And felt like Clarissa Dalloway.

IMG_8674They had the best napkin-holder ever on the crafty table at the shoot.

IMG_8686Me watching people watching people watching people on the shoot.

IMG_8706The gaffers turned a rainy day into a perfect sunny one. Film magic!

IMG_8723And then, I turned 30! I worked all day until 11pm but when I got home I had this waiting for me. : ___ )

IMG_8729I was at a store buying more things for the shoot and this little dog would bark unless I pet him. So I had to pet him all the time.

IMG_8737And then one of the happiest days of the year came: swimming season started!

IMG_8742We went exploring to celebrate my birthday.

IMG_8772I saw Zubi with her “computer working”.

IMG_8779JoAnne and Kate cooked dinner for us. They have the cutest dog named Isobel. I like that everyone in Austin has pets, it makes everything x100 better.

IMG_8787Zoe rescued a baby squirrel and kept it in a scarf around her chest.


IMG_8879Justin and I worked on the score for Teeth.

IMG_8886And I also worked with Nick on the color correction and grading for Teeth. It was like magic!

IMG_8892Another poster I saw during one of my walks.

IMG_8902And in the Capitol: a girl in her quinceanera dress and a crown.

IMG_8910Juan and I were going to the Texas Mini Maker Faire but I took a wrong turn and we saw a sign that said “bunnies”. We decided that we needed to investigate what it was and we ran into a rabbit show! It was amazing!

IMG_8912I felt so sad for this lone bunny. It didn’t say “don’t touch” so I petted it after taking this picture.


IMG_8918Texas-flag shirt and sad face. I was so upset that I didn’t have my real camera.

IMG_8925All the bunnies were lined up in cages so people could judge them.

IMG_8928: )

IMG_8930I loved these kids. The red-haired girl was pretty upset with the boy.

IMG_8959I never wanted to leave. There were so many stories and things happening.

IMG_8939We then found the Mini Maker Faire and it was as if we had slipped in to a parallel dimension that had nothing to do with where we had just been. Here is a lady riding a butterfly bike.

IMG_8945Steampunk teenager.

IMG_8953Boy posing with a robot in the shape of a Dalek.

IMG_8955We ran into Kate and she wrote me a poem about her dog, Isobel.

IMG_8957And then I talked to these girl scouts that had designed and built a robot that caught giant balls and threw them back at you. They were pretty cool.

IMG_9071After a two month long absence, Lupe showed up! It was all meows and purrs…

IMG_9011Until she decided to climb a tree and try to eat some birds out of a nest. Luckily, the baby birds had flown away a few days before.

IMG_9015Juan and I went for a night walk and bumped into this toad.

IMG_9042We re-shot one of the posters for Teeth. That meant that we had to break another TV but this time we discovered that TVs implode and that they are also pretty hard to break. I tried my best to smash it but couldn’t…

IMG_9041And then Sara gave it three blows and smashed it to smithereens. She’s the boss!

IMG_9056Dream-life porch I spotted during a walk.

IMG_9061Rings, who still remains my favourite amongst all the cats in the neighbourhood.

IMG_9064A lucky girl was going to be surprised.

IMG_9073Lupe came back one afternoon.

IMG_9115And Toki tried to bite my toes.

IMG_9134I saw a baby squirrel on campus. It was really friendly and followed me around.

IMG_9136A nosey sidewalk.

IMG_9148Working. Landry mixing sound on location.

IMG_9159An to end the month, a rosy-colored brush in a make up artist’s belt.



  1. Hey, me encanta todo, como siempre! Los animales, las fotos sorprendentes, saber algo de vuestra vida….y feliz cumpleaños!! mejor tarde que nunca 😛

  2. A Severino, comentarista que me precede. Grandes mujeres, sí. Pero lo cierto es que la clase trabajadora en este país está fatal. De poco disfrutamos, por no decir de casi nada. Si no nos movilizamos, todavía puede ser peor el panorama. La llamada transición fue una estafa monumental. No lo olvides.Saludos reioculionarvos.

  3. What a precious picture of them holding hands! I can’t wait to meet them. Thank you for being such an example to us of enduring faithfulness to the Lord and His direction in your lives.

  4. Funny post. But what about the oldsters that drive fast? I think that’s worse than driving slow. My father will soon be 92 and is still allowed on the road. He thinks all the other people are horrible drivers.

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  6. Ooo, i loved Dungeon Keeper! Thanks for bringing this to the light!!I have to agree with you, it doesn’t look that impressive but still, i’d be more than curious to try it! Who knows, maybe the gameplay would be indeed fun :Di sure do hope it will still have that thing where you go inside creature’s minds and control them >:DVN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

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