December’s MPA

I’m late! I’m late!” is what I have been thinking for the last fourteen days. I know that these MPA are long overdue but I do have a good excuse: I have been working hard on a video for a client and haven’t had much free time.

December has always been one of my favourite months because it always involves travelling, being very busy and pretty lights. However, this year was a little bit different: I only moved to Austin three months ago so I decided to stay here during the holidays. Thus, these were the first Xmas that I ever spent without being with my family. At first I was a little melancholic but in the end it turned out to be such a busy month that I barely had time to think about it.  Finally getting my work permit and landing my first US film making job also helped. So, all in all, it was a great month!

Anyway, enough talking, here are December’s mobile phone adventures!

IMG_4274As you might remember, I talked about our problems we had had with our old apartment and about having to move in November’s MPA. I took this picture on the 1st of December, it was the last night we would spend in that apartment. I felt such a sense of relief while looking at the sunset and knowing it was the last one I would see there.

IMG_4289The next morning I had to clean the whole apartment and then finish packing everything. I also had rented a van and had to pick it up. Here I was waiting for the bus while wearing my good luck socks.

IMG_4292I had never driven a giant van before and as I walked towards U-haul I thought the sky looked rather ominous.

IMG_4297The van (which for European standards was more like a small truck!).

IMG_4294Driving the van was the best thing ever. Not only because it was giant but also because I had to follow the people who helped us move. I felt like a detective-truck driver (dream life).

IMG_4302After unloading everything I took the van back to U-haul and on my way back home I stopped at an East Side supermarket. They had bling for boys and fake nails for girls.

IMG_4303I finished unpacking everything and putting the furniture back together at 23.00. I decided that I HAD to set up our mini xmas tree.

IMG_4306The morning after & the view from our front door.

IMG_4311 I decided that I wanted to do some home improvements in our flat so I went to the home depot. I had never been there but it is now in my top 5 favourite shops ever.

IMG_4313Chainsaws. Now we are talking.

IMG_4318I loved our new flat so much that I decided to touch up the paint a little bit in order to make it perfect.


12 hours later I was wondering how “touching up the paint” had turned in to “painting the whole apartment”.

IMG_4323I saw this house in our neighbourhood. It reminded me of a captain’s house, perhaps Mrs. Muir lived there?

IMG_4337There are 10 000 000 squirrels in our new neighbourhood but this one is my favourite because it is the grumpiest squirrel to ever have lived. It sits on a tree and basically rants in squirrel language whilst staring at you until you disappear.

IMG_4341I was (still am) working on my new website.

IMG_4345I think this is the saddest “lost cat” poster I have every seen. If I was Lydia I would just come home sobbing. : (

IMG_4349I spied through one of the windows at the university and saw a laboratory.

IMG_4368I have talked about this before but, let me say it again: this picture was taken in central Austin. How is this even possible?

IMG_4367Dead badger (I think).

IMG_4364Hairy caterpillar.

IMG_4355I kept on seeing stickers and signs like this one, especially in the suburbs. I couldn’t figure out what they meant until one of my teenagers explained to me that the owners of this car were the parents of Brian who played football in Anderson high school.

IMG_4351I went to a stand up with Alison and drank hot tea with a little bit of whiskey.

IMG_4369I love Austin.

IMG_4370I almost had to fight these grackles when I went jogging.

IMG_4371And I saw these little green parrots hanging out on a wire.

IMG_4384On my way back home I met this cat. I think he liked my t-shirt.

IMG_4385His name was Bagheera. : )


IMG_4412Lots of houses were decorated for Xmas…

IMG_4401…and sometimes the cars were too.

IMG_4404Candy coloured house with swing & plastic flamingoes.

IMG_4411A friend lent us his car while he was away for Xmas. The best thing about it was that it was a refurbished cop car.

IMG_4419I made this incredibly delicious cake for desert on Xmas eve.

IMG_4413The next morning I found this present with the best wrapping paper ever ‘under’ our mini tree.

IMG_4427One of the things that it had inside was this diabolical cat pen whose eyes light up with a super blue blinding light while it meows. I love it so much.

IMG_4416Xmas present to myself.

IMG_4450Juan & went to Fredericksburg to spend the day. We went in to a 50’s cafe were they had these fortune telling machines. I played the one with the light bulbs. I can’t remember what I got.

IMG_4453They were also playing Grease.

IMG_4459These sings were just outside a shop…

IMG_4464…and these are some of the things that they sold in said shop.

IMG_4468Back in Austin, doing some errands and enjoying how pretty everything looked in the rain.

IMG_4473And in NYE I went to a teenage girl’s party to take pictures! I got back home just in time to give Juan a kiss while I heard other people cheering for the new year in the houses around us.


  1. María

    Son hurones lo que veo en tus bocetos de tu próxima web? SÍ! SÍ! SÍ!!

  2. TamaraSlavin

    Me ha encantado la ardilla, allí arriba controlándolo todo :’)
    ¿Tu casa es como la que ves desde tu puerta? Porque es una maravilla! Me ha extrañado ver tanto verde y tanta humedad, será porque era diciembre, pero desde luego no me esperaba ese riachuelo (y un tejón!)

    • Aquí cada casa es un poco de su madre y su padre, son todas diferentes. La casa esa son dos apartamentos (en la planta de arriba vive una persona y en la de abajo otra…). Mi bloque de apartamentos es TOTALMENTE diferente a esa casa pero está mucho más guay. : )

      Aquí hay muchísimos árboles y verde. Incluso hay un lago grande en el centro de la ciudad. Además, es muy húmedo… en verano parece más la jungla que el desierto. : )

  3. Qué pasada que eso sea el centro de Austin, qué bonito! Y work permit FTW!!!

    • Te gustaría mucho! Hay muchos sitios así, los parques son como más salvajes…

      Sí, te debo un email contándote todo, pero estoy muy contenta! : D

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