I have been keeping a journal since 2006, which, I believe, was my last year in Wales. I really love writing and drawing in them because they are something that I do just for myself and I know nobody else will ever read them. Sometimes I really look forward to the end of the day so I can sit in a half darkened room and listen to music while I think, draw and write.

Every year I use the journal’s first page to write my new year’s resolutions. I think about what I want to write carefully and I take my resolutions quite seriously, referring to them throughout the whole year. I already have my new journal and while I was thinking about what I want to achieve during 2013, I was looking at the things I wrote exactly one year ago today. Some things I managed to do, some things I didn’t, but overall, I’m happy with how the year turned out.



  1. sheryl

    We enjoyed having you in our home on New Year’s Eve:-) Good luck with this project!

    I am enjoying seeing my hometown of Austin through your eyes:-)

    Happy New Year!

  2. :_)
    Me ha dado penita pensar que ya no te puedo ayudar en tus locas aventuras, pero gracias por hacer mi 2012 más completo y enriquecedor.

    • Justo me acordé de nuestra reunión en Le pain quotidien al escanear la página. Estuvo muy guay, ahí debatiendo todas las cosas que podíamos hacer y conseguir! Me alegra mucho que te lo pasases bien a pesar de todos los ‘incidentes’. Yo ya te echo de menos como asistente superstar pero me queda el consuelo de que Manuel te tiene bien atareada. : )

    • … lying messy assnon:then wtf are u doing no??nwTalki?g to you, I don't consider you dog shit. But after getting called a bunch of names I think I am out. Seeya.

    • Ã…hhh SRP! jeg husker det tydeligt, hÃ¥ber du kommer levende igennem. Og jeg hÃ¥ber i fÃ¥r en dejlig jul, selvom det er lidt aneelrddes end i plejer Rigtig god jul til dig i hvert fald <3

    • É uma atitude normal num liberal, cara Ana Cristina.Além de que a canção, de tão má, está ao nível do coiso, não haja? Estão assim como que bem um para o outro.Mas que é uma delícia (e democrática, ainda por cima; pelo que percebi foi votada pelo "povo") é. O povo unido jamais será vencido.

    • What a cute card!! I just love your coloring!!! The colors are perfect and I really like your ribbon sentiment with the button. I always forget you can stamp on ribbon!! Thanks for the reminder!! Have a great day :)Kathy

    • Os homens que estão criticando essa lei gostariam de ser obrigados a ser tratados em diplomas ou documentos como “advogada” , “engenheira”, “médica” ou qualquer outra palavra no feminino da sua respectiva profissão?

    • Já ale nemluvil o výsledcích, aÅ¥ to klidnÄ› dopadne jakkoli. To je mi fuk! Jde mi to araktivní florbal jen a o to, aby to byl sport, který bude táhnout diváky. A to bohužel v kladnu ani bohemians ja nevidím. Jinak samozÅ™ejmÄ› proti tÄ›m týmům nebo klukům v nich nic nemám!

    • what happened… They told her to lie and say she randomly came up with an answer! He actually made her lie to look like he was amazing and read her thoughts! What way to crush a little girls love for something by making her lie for entertainment value! She has hated any kind of magician since!

    • ·I found this a most interesting exercise, as one day I intend to purchase a 50mm. The shots that really appealed to me, were the black and white foam, and the painterly one at f1.6. Interesting that both were portrait style….well, sort of Mind you, the lone aspen looks pretty good too!I’m staying tuned for the next installment!

    • Hey Rick,What can I say man …. you spoke very well ….. all from the heart. I think the essence of this all is ….. the meaning of life …. having a passion ….. being able to share this passion …. exchanging energy ……. exchanging knowledge …… and being guided, not just by an icon but by a guy who is really down to earth and willing to make CONTACT.Rick, imo you’re one of the main reasons this blog is as alive as it is. I hope you will do this for many years to come. And of course …… HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! And don’ t worry …. there is nothing wrong being 46 … I can tell !

    • I could watch Schindler’s List and still be happy after reading this.

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