On Monday I read Instagram’s new TOS just as I was waking up. I was outraged mainly because of the paragraph that granted them the right to license and sub-license their users’ images without having to ask them for permission or compensate them. I  read many angry comments during the day and, at night, I decided to start a petition at You can read it here:

The next morning I received a call from’s staff. They said that they wanted to help me promote my petition and get more signatures and, oh boy, did it get attention. In just three days it got almost 10 000 signatures.

Tonight I have decided to close the petition. This is my final statement. I am posting it here because has posted a previous one I wrote yesterday and not this one, which is what I really wanted to say:

I want to thank you for signing my petition and at the same time inform you that Instagram has just released a statement and a new set of terms of use. You can read them here:

and this is their statement:

I consider this only a partial victory because while some parts have been revised, others remain the same. I was hoping that with these new TOS Instagram would strive to provide a more straightforward service to their users but they don’t. Instagram claims that they do not plan to sell your photos in their statement but they still have kept the paragraph that gives them the right to sub-license your images without any compensation to you in their TOS. It is up to you to decide if you believe what they say in their statement letter or not but, as a photographer, I have decided to stop using instagram because that paragraph doesn’t make me feel safe.

I said that I consider this a partial victory and I do so because in the last three of days we have learned that we can fight for what we think is right and be heard. It is not necessary for us to accept what is thrown at us by large companies. We are the ones who make these websites work by providing them with content, and without us they could not function or exist. It is because of this that we should be the ones defining what can and can’t be done with our information, files and pictures. We have just started to make that change and I hope that we will all keep on fighting to make this a standard.


  1. maria

    Increible :)
    Esto me da esperanzas de poder cambiar cosas. Be brave!

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