June’s MPA

I think that time has an inherent quality that makes it behave differently depending on how much you are looking forward to something in the future: If your mind is set on a certain date and that date becomes a sort of beacon in your brain and all your thoughts start to swirl around the promises that that date might hold, then time will start crawling and sometimes even stop.  I am saying all of this because it is the only explanation I can come up with when trying to explain why June seemed to last not one, but two or even three months. I look at the first picture below this text and I can’t even believe that I only took it a month ago as June somehow seemed to last forever. This being said, June wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, it was a very good month, I did many things and I worked hard on my projects, which always makes me happy.

So, enough rambling for now. Here are June’s MPA.

Cowgirl with satchel in the crumbling city.

Little guard dog that barks at me every time I walk by this shop.

I went to the park to work on some storyboards and saw this very elegant lady walking her dog. It was beautiful to watch her dress swirl around her as she moved.

Teenagers taking pictures of each other with flowers in their hair.

I have been making lollies while trying to make super healthy refreshing snacks. This one was made out of watermelon & orange juice.

I loved these kids. They were stealing the sand from a construction site so they could play with their trucks.

My neighbours’ pyjamas crack me up.

Mysterious kitty who resides at a pet store.

I found this flower on the street. I picked it up and used it as an offering for Lucia.

Lucia’s wall.

Best wallpaper ever.

In my quest to make the healthiest/least fattening snack I made fig ice-cream.

I worked on my short film’s script and storyboard.

I taught Juan how to play the mouth harp.

I almost peed my pants when I saw this in the underground. Few films live up to my expectations when I am really excited about watching them, this was not the case of Moonrise Kingdom. I want this poster, in my house, now.

Super mom on board sign.

Oh hai Raulio.

I saw this father chatting to his little daughter very early one morning. It was cute.

Nationalistic dogs are very common in my neighbourhood.

Summer feet (with plasters) & Magic Light.

I am in love with this dog. I see him almost every day and he is the perfect dog for me. Look at his beard/whiskers!

Lady in Green.

Little boy who had fallen asleep while waiting for the train.

I have instagram now and I shot this with it ( It is dear_jennifer, in case you want to add me, but I mainly post pictures that I have already put on my MPA because I prefer to post them here as a monthly chapter…). This is hanging on my bedroom wall, I like the “off the map” map.

Teenager in the underground.

Sad teenager in the underground.

Little shy girl rehearsing for a dance. I could tell that she hated every minute of it.

Helena (one of my teens) watching the older girls dancing.

Laura (Helena’s sister and also, another one of my teens) drying her ballet shoes.

I went to Laura’s school party to take pictures. It was a strange experience for me,  alittle bit like time travelling.

Boy with a quiff. He was reading On the Road by Kerouac and drinking beer.

This pretty teenager kept on asking her boyfriend if he would take a picture of her when they got to wherever they were going. So I took one of her just in case he didn’t.

Bedtime reading.

“The heat in the Summer is a hundred and ten. Too hot for the devil, too hot for men.”

This box reads “Don’t Open”. Of course, I opened it as soon as its owner wasn’t looking.

Girls with baskets and matching hats who were selling something but didn’t even try to sell it to me.

Best wallpaper ever pt 2.

Making cookies.

Dangerous dogs.

I had promised Paloma that I would take some pictures of her for her book. When she rang me up I suggested that we should go to somewhere with water. She took me to her hometown and it was like a little paradise.

Paloma walking along the canal.

Hey Paloma!

Paloma and I get along because I always suggest crazy stuff that I think we should do and she is always up for doing them. I will post the pictures I took soon, I just have to edit them! ( I was in charge of choosing her outfits and I have to admit that I wish I could wear these earrings everyday).

Paloma dressed as me.

And to end the month here’s this awesome picture that I found in a book. DREAM LIFE.

I hope you are having a nice Summer!



  1. TamaraSlavin

    ¿¿¿¿Qué había en la caja????

  2. Joaq

    jajajaj…guapisima la ultima foto! y lo de perro peligroso….en la casa nueva tendríamos que poner. CUIDADO! CASA PROTEGIDA POR PITBULL CON SIDA

    • Es que el gato es “to echao pa lante”. Sí, con lo del perro me reía yo sola porque a) ese perro parece un collie y b) no se veía ningún perro por allí. Os habéis mudado a una finca? Tenéis que fabricar ese cartel! : )

  3. TamaraSlavin

    Ooooh me esperaba una caja de tesoros!
    Me ha encantado junio y el hecho de que vayas a los parques a trabajar me encanta porque yo no soy capaz y me da mucha vergüenza, pero al verte a ti me dan más ganas :)

    • Jaja, sí, fue un poco decepcionante que no hubiese nada dentro.

      Gracias, pues que no te de vergüenza. Yo me llevo una toalla, agua, los auriculares y me quedo allí un par de horas y la gente ni me mira. Lo malo es que me distraigo con las ardillas pero se está mucho mejor que encerrado en casa! : )

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