December’s MPA

December has been a really hectic month and I have ended the year feeling a little bit exhausted but, at the same time, I am excited about starting a new year in which I will have a lot of artistic projects going on.

I must confess that this Xmas I wasn’t feeling particularly christmassy or cheerful, which is unusual because I am always quite happy about the thought of visiting my family, eating until I can’t even breathe, playing board games after lunch on Xmas day or just seeing all the bright lights around the city. Perhaps, living in the middle of one of the city’s busiest commercial areas had something to do with it because as December progressed and I saw myself and everyone around me rushing and running around to get presents that really had no other function than to tick the box of “I got you a present”, I felt less and less festive: I felt rather sad thinking about this eternal spending-nonsense//hamster-wheel that we have gotten ourselves into and it somehow dampened my annual Xmas joy a little bit.

But, gloomy thoughts aside, December was a good month: I had to go to London to work (and managed to cram in some time with my family there…), I took lots of photographs that are secret for now, I drove 1188 km on my own in less than a week, I visited my Spanish family over Xmas, got some great presents myself, worked a lot and, apparently, interacted with more cats than in my entire life.

Here are December’s MPA and, before I forget, Happy New Year to all of you!

Sleepy goth girl with a can of red bull in her hand at 10:00 a.m.

Unusual old lady. I looked at her and thought that she looked like an old Betty Page.

Doggy left outside a cafe by his owner. He was shivering and I felt so sorry for him. <3

I saw this ‘installation’ on a fountain in the city centre. It was pretty cool.

They had set hundreds of plastic glasses with water coloured with different hues of blue and green dye. In each glass there was a battery with a small LED attached to it. It was too bright to get the full effect but I guess it must have been beautiful to look at at night.

“Roam the world and back home again, that’s the sailor’s way!”. That’s what I was thinking whilst sitting on the underground at 6 a.m.

Sunrise at Mordor, I mean, Madrid Airport. On my way to London.

When I got to my uncle’s house this fella came by to greet me. I will tell you more about him in a couple of photos but you should now that I named him “Fleagul” because the day after petting him I woke up covered in flea bites!

On my way to a meeting.

And back at my uncle’s. They have the best Xmas tree ever as they have a “no branch left without decoration” policy.

Okay, here’s the story. I got to London and met Fleagul and then saw this poster that my cousin had made and put around her neighbourhood. My cousins had semi-adopted this friendly stray cat but they couldn’t have it in the house, so they were looking for his owner. Beware, because he is very hungry.

They felt very sorry for him so they fed him 3 times a day and built a little waterproof kennel for him (hidden behind the bin).

Fleagul used all the guilt trip-tactics known to cats to try and get adopted by my cousins.

Considering it was around 2ºC outside, Fleagul’s plan was working pretty well.

<3 The problem is that my aunt is allergic to cats, so they couldn’t keep it and it was getting colder and colder every day even though he was kept warm by my cousin’s insane dances. (To be continued in a bit…)

My cousins keep on asking me to do make overs for them as if I was some kind of beauty expert. So, I curled Maisie’s hair and did her make up.

So, before I went to the shoot on Sunday, we took Fleagul to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. They assured us that they wouldn’t put him to sleep if he had no serious ilneses and that they would find him a good home. Hope you’re safe dear Fleagul!

Looking Dapper Brennan!

And just when i got back to Madrid I had to catsit Raulio, who had a keen interest in my ‘secret’ bookcase. (It is secret because it is placed in a way that only I can see its contents when sitting at my desk…)

Magician with pigeons.

Juan has the best profile ever, I couldn’t help but peeping whilst working on my script.

I baked a banana, sultana & nut cake.

Road rage control.

Yellow cockatoo & white xmas tree in a hairdresser’s window.

Old ladies playing cards.

Born to be wiiiild. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help it…)

I then drove for 7 hours.

Driver extraordinaire outfit.

I stopped to eat a sandwich at a petrol station and there were LOTS of cats there. I gave them cheese and some mango. I now know that cats don’t like mangoes.

In my hometown I turn in to a ‘negative’ vampire, that means that I always wake up as soon as the sun rises.

I went to see how Isis was getting on.

Oh Hai, Isis.

My hometown is riddled with cats, they are everywhere! I particularly liked this dapper looking stray that was wearing a polka dot bandana.

What I like about Andalucía is that people are barking mad and do whatever they want. Here a woman had installed a pulley with a rope on her balcony and used it to pull up her husband’s things. (They shouted throughout the whole process.)

100% my hometown.

A dog that looked like a sad lion.

Mini cakes that looked like mini ice-creams.

I made these hors d’oeuvre for my nieces on Xmas day. : )

I went for a two hour walk in the countryside with my mom and found these white chickens…

…and next to them was this beautiful waterfall.

I bought red poppies for my aunt.

Saw Jagger who is now a cateenager.

And Lily, my baby niece, who is the cutest and best behaved baby I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Stay warm Jagger!

I drove for another 7 hours and stopped at a petrol station to rest for a bit and enjoy the most beautiful sunset.

And while I took this pictures there were about 20 mice running through that field.

And back in Madrid again. I settled for a quiet end of the year and baked some bread.


  1. Yo me tengo prohibido volver a oxford/regent street. Qué horror, y ya en navidad ni te cuento.
    ¿así que tienes parte andaluza? ¿de dónde?
    Ay, los gatitos. Cómo echo de menos a los míos :_(

    • Bueno, no es la calle en si, sino todo lo que rodea a tener que comprar cosas que no son necesarias y que suponen un gran esfuerzo económico para la mayoría de la población…

      Sí, de Marbella, lo pone en mi página! :)

      ¿Cuánto tiempo te quedas en Ashford?

  2. David

    Yet again another beautiful set of images.
    Thank you for sharing them and also enhancing their impact with you comments.

    I love the photo story of Fleagul. The girls still gaze expectantly out of the window, hoping that he has made an audacious escape from the pet shelter and returned to the hobo’s hotel behind our dustbin.

    I think you had a magnificent December!

    • Did Les contact Battersea to see if Fleagul got rehomed? I looked at the website and he wasn’t there…

      December was really good! It was really nice to get the chance to be with all of you!


  3. Anda, si somos paisanas! Pues no me había fijado…
    Pues no sé cuánto me quedaré aquí, pero como mínimo hasta mayo. Ay, acabo de volver, se acabaron las vacaciones :(

  4. ♥ Qué bonito :)
    Me ha encantado tu madre y sus historias y me ha sorprendido mucho tu tío.

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