A month and a half ago Rocío from Marcus Doo and the Secret family wrote to me and asked me if I would be interested in directing a video for their latest single, Solipsism. I am happy to say that today it has been premiered in Tentaciones by El Pais and I can finally share it with you.

Initially, I didn’t know the band but when I listened to their record I was instantly up for doing anything with them because I loved their music and, at the same time, it sounded so different to everything that is being done in Spain at the moment. When I met them I was even more enthusiastic about working together because not only were they super nice and helpful but they were also willing to give me quite a bit of freedom when it came to working on the video, which, as you probably now, is a very rare thing.

The only catch was that we had only two weeks to do everything, from the brainstorming session to handing it in. It is because of this constraint that we decided to shoot the video in the way we did: it was shot on location in Madrid during Halloween night. Except the band members, none of the people who are in the video are actors or were set up to appear in it. It was all shot documentary style whilst I looked for the shots I wanted to film (and went to the places where I knew I would find them) in order to build the story I had in mind. I came up with this idea because I thought that we didn’t have enough time to prepare sets, actors, etc. and because, honestly, I love shooting like this no matter how stressful it sometimes is. As far as the story goes, I had always wanted to shoot some club scenes with strobing lights and when I saw Rocío in photographs, I immediately invented a character for her. I put two and two together and with the band’s help and suggestions we refined it until it turned into what you are about to see.

I want to thank Rocío for being so patient, helpful and professional on a very cold and long night. Of course, I also want to thank the rest of the band for being up for doing almost anything and believing in what I said would work. And finally, I want to thank Alba Diethlem for assisting me on this shoot and Lola Bourne, their record company, for making it all possible.

So, enough talk! Here’s the video, I hope you like it.



  1. Filipa Castro

    heeey, i really like it! :)

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